We make your dream of flying into reality!!
Do paragliding simply and safely without prior training in Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten in East Tyrol!

Paragliding tandem flight – it was never easier to fly! Do it now in Lienz – East Tyrol.

Mankind has dreamed of flight for more than 160,000 years. Not even 100 years have passed since humanity first conquered the air. In the history of mankind, we are the first people lucky enough to belong to a generation that can realise this human dream in its simplest and purest form.

Today, all that is necessary for flying is a paraglider with its harness packed into a backpack that only weighs 15 kg. After arriving at the take-off site, the tandem paraglider can be ready to fly within 10 minutes. A couple of quick steps and you can already feel your feet leaving the ground in the nicest possible way. With this feeling, all fear disappears and makes way for the feeling of freedom that only flight with a tandem paraglider offers.

You can decide whether the flight shall be a pure pleasure trip of soft, relaxed gliding down into the Lienz Valley; whether you want to spice it up with some action and adrenaline; or whether you decide to make a fantastic cross country flight in which you, helped by the thermal currents, soar over the mountain peaks of East Tyrol with the eagles.


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Paragliding Tandemflight – Packages

Paragliding Tandemflight –  Pricing

Standard Tandemflight

  • takeoff of your choice in the Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten
  • minimum ~ 20 – 30 minutes flighttime, depending on the conditions
  • *optionally: Photo and HD Video + 4gb SDcard
  • extra: arrival costs

Premium Tandemflight

  • takeoff of your choice in the Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten
  • VIP support for a premium adventure, up to 40 minutes of flighttime!
  • *Inclusive: Photo and HD Video + 4gb SDcard
  • extra: arrival costs

Special Tandem-flight

220*or near offer
  • Thermic- XC- Romantic & and Specialtandemfligth´s
  • according to agreement, 1h flighttime. Custom Tandemflight-adventure
  • *optionally: Photo and HD Video + 4gb SDcard
  • extra: arrival costs

Photo & HD Video

  • min. 10 higRes Photos (Camera: Gopro Hero 4 Black)
  • HD 50 fps Video (Camera: Gopro Hero 4 Black)
  • *optionally: Photo and HD Video + 4gb SDcard
  • micro SDcard inclusive!

Paragliding Tandemflight – Testimonials

A couple of quick steps and I lost the ground under my feet , it was incredible, EASY!
I can highly recommend a flight over the valley of Lienz – just let go and fly like a bird !
Sarah Kofler
I enjoyed a tandem flight of 2 hour thermal flying from Zettersfeld , it was an unforgettable adventure!
Janis Pönisch
An absolutely wonderful experience with a certain risk of addiction! again again again :)
Volker Winkler

Airpark Lienzer Dolomiten

Paragliding Tandemflight – Partner & Customers

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