Gleitschirm-Tandemflug FAQ´s

We are happy to answer your questions also directly by phone: +43 676 72 93 888

Besides the „Standard Tandem Flight“, we also offer the „Premium Tandem Flight“.

Standard tandem flight:

  • At least 20 minutes flying time
  • Take-off sites are at Zettersfeld or Hochstein
  • More than one flight may be flown, depending on the availability of pilots.
  • Photo & Video are optional and cost €20 extra

Premium tandem flight:

  • Premium service and extra time for the drive, the briefing, and the flight.
  • At least 20 minutes flying time. With good thermal conditions, there will be EXTRA  (max. 40 minutes) flying time!
  • The take-off sites are at Zettersfeld or Hochstein.
  • Ideal for couples or groups, we fly simultaneously with several pilots.
  • Photo & Video are INCLUSIVE and can be viewed after the flight on the computer or mobile!
  • You must be over four years of age.
  • Normal or good physical condition
  • Ideally, up to 100 kg body weight, in exceptional cases up to 120 kg
  • High spirits and a good mood!
Warm clothing, according to the season:

  • A warm windbreaker. In the wintertime, a ski jacket could be a good choice.
  • Long pants. In the wintertime, ski pants are best,
  • Ankel-high, solid hiking boots
  • Gloves
  • Sun glasses
With the standard tandem flight from Zettersfeld or Hochstein, there will be extra charges for the taxi ride in the off-season or the lift ticket for the Lienz mountain lift (approx €12.50.- for a single ticket to Steinermandl).

If desired: Photo and video for €20.-, including SD card.

As an option (€20.-extra), a GoPro HD Cam can record your tandem flight adventure on an SD card. At least 20 seconds of 1080 50fps video and more than 20 hires photos make your flight adventure unforgettable!

We reserve the right to use any photos and video images for web and media purposes. If you do not want that, please tell us beforehand!

If you want the video and photos edited and presented with a cool soundtrack, there will be extra charges!

If not otherwise agreed upon, we meet at the landing site Touch Heaven, Postleite, an der Zettersfeldstrasse in Lienz or at the parking place of the Lienz mountain lift!

Paraglider Club Touch Heaven Lienz
Lienzer Bergbahnen


anfahrt zu einem gleitschirm tandemflug vom Zettrsfeld

360° Tour am Landeplatz Teouchheaven (DANKE Peter Gratl)